Thank you for installing Recurpay subscription, You've taken the first step toward increasing your recurring revenue streams, which is a critical aspect in today's e-commerce retention game.

Plans play a vital role in a subscription journey. It controls everything about how a subscription functions, such as the order frequency, discounts, COD, and auto expiry.

You may control how often consumers are charged for subscriptions product. You can also give a fixed discount to customers who purchase the product as a recurring subscription.

Here are the quick steps to create a subscription plan.

After successful login to the Recurpay dashboard, click on Subscription Plans and then click on "Add Plan" on the top right corner.

Types of subscription that you can offer to the customers

There are majorly two types of subscription that you can offer to the customer

  • Ongoing subscription where the payment is received on a recurring basis in which you can charge your customers automatically for the specific products they have subscribed for according to the frequency they have chosen.

    Example: Let's say you want to offer a monthly subscription to the customer wherein we will charge their card on every 30 days and an order is created at the same time

  • Upfront subscription where the customer will be willing to pay upfront for a certain period of time with better discount offers for the products they are opting from you.

    Example: Let's say we want to offer a monthly subscription but the customer is willing to pay upfront for 3 months, wherein we will charge their card on every 90 days and an order will be created every month

Here is the quick link for Creating a Subscription plan

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If you have any questions about creating a subscription plan, or if you need any other help, please reach out to us at or just start a live chat through the dashboard. Our experts will be happy to assist you further.

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