How does Auto Expiry helps you?
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At Recurpay, we believe in the automation of the whole process without human interaction. One-time efforts will cause you long-term benefits. Auto Expiry helps your subscribers to save time from the subscription cancellation process. It also helps merchants in automatically cancel the subscriptions after the predefined set of intervals.

Here are the quick steps to set up Auto Expiry on your Subscription plans.

At the time of creating any subscription plans ( Regular or Prepaid ) or while editing any plans, scroll down to additional setup and set the "Auto expire subscription" for your subscription plan.

Eg: let's say you want to cancel subscriptions after 2 renewals, ie. A customer will be charged once for the first time they check out and a second time after 3 months for the next 3 months. We would set the renewal count to "1" in this case

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