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More about Subscriptions :)
How subscription can be used by a pet brand?
How subscription can be used by a pet brand?

Get to know how pet brands are using subscriptions to increase revenue

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It is not surprising that there are enormous pet lovers and they take care of their pet as their own child. Food to clothing to their likes and dislikes, everything is taken care of!

That brings an interesting question in mind, if groceries can be subscribed and delivered then why not the pet food? Just like us, they also need regular meals and ON TIME!

The very same thought process helped companies like HEADS UP FOR TAILS (HUFT), PET PEDIA, PET SUTRA and many other like them to offer a seamless experience to their customers by building the right subscription model. This is not just limited to food subscription but extended to various other pet needs like leash, pet-bed, medicines, immunity boosters, body care etc. and they all can now be simply subscribed.

Undoubtedly this model for pet brands is growing day by day and many companies have started customising the dog food according to their needs. Say for an example, they offer Veg, Protein Rich, High Calcium diets and what not. Building for each type helps them stand out from their competitors in the market and give them an edge over others with a personalised offering.

You have a problem, we got a solution. We very well resonate with your intention to offer a seamless experience to your customers and we are doing pretty much same :-D

Let us show you few examples of some amazing pet brands doing wonders with Subscriptions.

HEADS UP FOR TAILS (HUFT): A company with 40+ offline pet stores across India where they have food, personalised items, pet spa and a 24X7 vetline too. Isn't it a pet paradise?

They believe “We are, because they are.” They also run Heads Up For Tails foundation with which they aim to reconnect our world with animals so we can all find a space to co-exist peacefully. They have also been awarded multiple times as the Brand of the Year by multiple organisations and of-course, we are a big fan of them :)

For them, the major question out there is "How to make customer's life easy?", How to help them stock the product without any reminder? How to make the payment hassle-free for them?

Guess what? there is only one answer to all these questions --> Subscriptions

Now let's try to understand how Recurpay helps brands like them to solve Subscription problems:

Customers can simply visit the desired product and select the plan i.e. the time interval in which they want the product to be delivered everytime and that’s it. A one time effort with lifetime convenience and savings.

Easy Isn't it?

May be next example would make it even more interesting.

Pet Pedia - is India’s leading online marketplace for pet owners featuring 3500+ products across 110+ brands for Dogs, Cats, Fish, Reptiles, Birds & small animals. Founded in 2017, a bootstrapped startup focusing on improving pet care by enabling pet owners understand and deal with their pets better. They aspire to increase awareness about pets and clarify related concerns attached to them. Their sheer focus on providing excellent customer service has helped them grow consistently over the years.

Now let's take a quick look at how Pet Pedia solved the problem of retention and brought up a seamless, hassle-free customer experience with Subscriptions:

A smart move to educate their customers on benefits and making them understand How it works, helps them win their customers trust and build a strong reputation among the community for their right deeds.

Are you a pet parent and looking for a seamless experience? Checkout Petpedia and Heads Up for Tails now.

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