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Inactivation of a plan
Inactivation of a plan

Quick guide to help you inactive the subscription plans while keeping your subscribers active

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We believe in giving complete comfortability to the merchant. At Recurpay merchant can activate or inactivate the plan anytime whenever they want with a single click but make sure it will directly impact on your storefront.

Steps to inactivate any plans:

Step 1: After successful login to the Recurpay dashboard, click on "Plans"

Step 2: Click on any of the plan id for which you wish to inactivate.

Step 3: Click on "Active" to disable plan from the storefront.

Note : Once you deactivate a plan, it can no longer be subscribed and no new customers will be able to see it, however, your existing subscriptions will still continue without any impact.

For any further queries feel free to reach out to us at or just start a live chat through the dashboard. Our experts will be happy to assist you further.


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