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Migrate your existing subscriptions to Recurpay
Migrate your existing subscriptions to Recurpay
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To Migrate your existing subscriptions or subscribers to Recurpay, you will need our Import CSV. In order for our system to effectively import your data, it should be according to our CSV format.

Here are the quick steps to download the CSV template:

  • Click on the Subscriptions Tab in the Recurpay Dashboard and select Import.

  • To download the CSV sheet, click on the sample CSV template and CSV sheet will automatically starts downloading.

    The following table describes the format of the CSV file which helps you to enter the correct information in the CSV sheet.



subscription_id (Optional)

Unique numeric identifier for the subscription. This needs to be keep blank

combine_id (Optional)

Numerical Identifier if multiple subscription belongs to same customer & same delivery frequency. For Example if Customer X has three subscriptions with same delivery frequency, then Combined id for all three subscription will be "1" or any unique numerical identifier.

product_id (Optional if variant id is present )

This is where you tell us which product the customer has subscribed to. All platforms offer a different way to get the product id.

Here are a few of the references:Shopify -

Woocommerce -

variant_id (Optional if product id is present )

Only needs to be entered if the subscription product contains any variant or options. If the product doesn't have any variant leave this field as blank.

Here are a few of the references to get the variant id.

Shopify -

product_title (Optional )

The title of the subscription product.

variant_title (Optional )

The title of the specific variant

variant_sku (Optional )

The product SKU set on the product page in your eCommerce platform.

quantity (Optional )

A numeric value that describes how many quantities of each product the customer will get on every order.

currency (Optional )

An Aphabetic value that corresponds to country's currency

unit_price_after_discount (Optional )

When a customer checked out, they paid the amount for their subscription item. If a discount code was applied at checkout, the price paid can be different than the recurring price.

shipping_price (Optional )

The total cost of shipping for the Subscription.


The numerical value of how often the product is shipped.For Example if a product is set to ship once a month, the value will be "1."


The time it takes for a product to be delivered.. For example, if a product was configured to ship every month, the value would be "month."

billing_frequency (Optional )

The numerical value of how often the product is charged, depending on subscriptions plan you have defined. For example,The value would be "3" if a product was set up to charge in every 3 months.

billing_interval (Optional )

The period of time it takes for a product to be charged. For example, if a product was configured to charged every month, the value would be "month."

renewal_count_to_auto_expire (Optional)

After how many charges to the subscriber, the subscription should be automatically cancelled.

subscription_start_date (Optional )

The date the subscription was added to the account.

last_charge_date (Optional )

The date the subscription, when it was last charged to the customer. The format should be YYYY-MM-DD.

next_charge_date (Optional )

The date the subscription, when you want that the amount should be deducted from the customer account. The format should be YYYY-MM-DD.

payment_gateway_name (Optional )

Name of the payment gateway. For Example Stripe , Razorpay, PayPal etc

payment_gateway_transaction_id (Optional)

A globally-unique identifier of transaction. You can find this information in your payment gateway dashboard.

prepaid_deliveries_left (Optional )

How many orders are remaining to be delivered

subscription_note (Optional)

Additional note which can be passed as an order note.

subscription_attributes (Optional)

Extra information that is added to the order

subscription_properties (Optional)

Additional information which needs to be passed along with the line item on order.


The Subscriber's email address.

subscription_status (Optional )

Status of the subscription either Active, halt, canceled or paused


The first name of the customer.


The Last name of the customer.


The full first line of the Shipping address -- for example, 151 O’Connor Street.

shipping_address_2 (Optional )

The full Second line of the shipping address -- for example, Ground floor. This column is often empty.

shipping_company (Optional )

The customer's company name. This column often empty.


The customer's shipping address city.


The customer's shipping address ZIP or postal code.


The code of the customer's shipping state or province.


The customer's shipping country.


The customer's shipping phone number.

created_at (Optional )

The date order was created at.

updated_at (Optional )

The date order was updated at.

Here are the quick steps to upload the CSV template:

  • Click on the Subscriptions Tab in the Recurpay Dashboard & select Import and drag and drop the CSV file from the system or you can click to select the CSV file and click Import Subscription

If you have any questions about creating a subscription plan, or if you need any other help, please reach out to us at or just start a live chat through the dashboard. Our experts will be happy to assist you further.

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