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Offer product trials via swapping products
Offer product trials via swapping products

Step by step guide to setup product trial with subscriptions in no time

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Recurpay product trials is a great way to let your customer taste before they can order a full meal. It's a well-proven and widely used strategy for accelerated product adoption when you are confident of your product. Let's learn how you can let your customers try your products before they can actually subscribe.

  1. Navigate to Recurpay Subscription App Settings > Recurpay Bots on your Recurpay dashboard

2. Click on Create a bot button

3. Name your Bot > Select condition as Subscribed Product > Choose the product you want to replace

Note: Under conditions, choose the product you want to replace (ideally the one customer subscribed for trial)

4. Let's define the action now. Under then, Choose the new product you want to add to the subscription instead of the old trial product > Define the number of orders after which the product has to be replaced in the subscription, Set as "On 2nd" order > Save.

Sinchain Tip: Recurpay automatically uses the price of the new product so any price difference between the trial and the real product will also be handled without any additional setup.

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