Cashfree Payment Gateway accepts domestic and international payments, we support a wide range of payment options. You can easily collect payments from your customers using our prebuilt checkout integration method or customize the payment flow (Seamless Basic and Seamless Pro) for your customers in-line with your business needs. You can easily collect payments using popular Payment Methods like Cards, UPI, Netbanking, Wallets, PayPal, EMI, and Pay Later options.

🚨 Note: It is highly advised to activate recurring on your Cashfree Merchant id before generating API key 🚨

You just need the below 2 credentials to integrate your Cashfree account:

2. API Secret

You will get both the API credential from your Cashfree dashboard.

📖 Here is a step by step process to integrate Cashfree with Recurpay:

  1. Login to your Cashfree Account or click here.

  2. Select the mode (Choose Production) for which you want to generate the API key. You can ignore this step if the mode is already set to Production.

  3. Navigate to Auto collect and click on access.

  4. Open the Access control option on the bottom left side of your Chashfree dashboard and click on API keys

  5. Click on New Key Pair to generate key for the selected mode.

  6. Click on submit to generate the new key pair.

Tip: It is advised to save your API Key and Key ID (Key Secret) by saving them because Key ID will not be displayed again anywhere inside the Cashfree account.

7. Copy the ID & Secret and go to Settings & click on integration in the Recurpay Dashboard.

8. Navigate to Payments Cashfree and past the ID and secret.

9. Click on Save.

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