Mollie, a pioneer in the payments industry and one of Europe’s fastest-growing payment service providers (PSP). They work with more than 130,000 European businesses and have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France, and Portugal. Their effortless payment API offers a custom-branded checkout and multiple payment methods to boost conversion.

You just need to enter API Key to integrate your Mollie account. You will get API credential from your Mollie dashboard.

📖 Here is a step by step process to integrate Mollie with Recurpay:

  1. Login to your Mollie account or click here.

  2. Click on the Developer option and select API Keys on the left side in the navigation bar on your Mollie Dashboard.

  3. Copy the Live API Key

  4. Login to the Recurpay dashboard and navigate to Settings on the left side in the navigation bar.

  5. Click on Integrations

  6. Navigate to Payments Mollie and paste the API key and click on Save option on the upside right in your Recurpay dashboard.

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