Page builder application today is one of the most important elements of growing commerce. With the ability to build, launch and iterate any kind of landing pages faster with no knowledge of coding, it has revolutionised the complete development process.

When page builders are so integral part of commerce, we thought of making it super simple to integrate any page builder with Recurpay and help merchants build a sustainable commerce business with subscriptions.

Here is how it works:

What do you need to integrate your application with Recurpay:

  1. Just add the below code in the template when someone adds Recurpay subscription widget element:

<div class="recurpay-pdp-widget" data-product-id="{{}}" data-product-available="{{product.available}}" data-default-variant="{{}}"></div>

Let's dive deep into the dynamic variables used in the code above:

Dynamic Variable


Helpful Information


Shopify Product ID

Checkout a blog here


Shopify Variant ID of the selected variant

Checkout a blog here


Shopify Inventory status of the product

true if the product is in stock

false if the product is out of stock

NOTE: Subscription widget will only show if the product has any active plan created on Recurpay dashboard.

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